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Month: October 2016

How To Measure Kitchen Cabinets

How to buy Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is perhaps one of the most important rooms in a house. Not only does it serve as a place to come together to eat, but many memories can be created within its walls. Some people take that extra step and try to make the kitchen their own custom world; part of this involves buying kitchen cabinets.

decide what sort of cabinets they are looking for, and a budget for purchase. One should also have an idea of how many cabinets they will need. The second step would be to measure the space that is available to install the cabinets. Next an individual will pick the wood and style of cabinets they want. A person should also choose the style such as drawers, handles etc.
There are several places to look for cabinets. Your local home store might have cabinets for you, although of course the purchaser is going to be paying retail prices. Cabinet outlet stores frequently have wholesale cabinets that are for sale in a variety of price ranges. They also have a number of styles and colors that are available.

Kitchen cabinets are available for wholesale in Georgia. The website has a number of these cabinets for purchase. One really great thing about this site is that cabinets are available in 4 days. It doesn’t take weeks for the cabinets to arrive. Cabinets are available in all styles and colors. Whatever you as the cabinet purchaser desires, can be found on this site.
Ga. Kitchen cabinets have individuals that will come and measure for the homeowner if need be. They also have professionals designers that can work with the individual to find the sort of cabinet and style that will match their home decor. This site has a free estimate form that will allow individuals to get an idea of what sort of cabinets they need and how much the approximate cost of the cabinetry will be.

There are cabinets available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Ga. kitchen cabinets use real wood for their designs, not pressed board or laminate. It is an excellent choice for those who want professionally designed and styled cabinets made of real wood. People in Georgia have no need to shop anywhere else. A homeowner should certainly be able to find what they want in terms of wholesale cabinets.
The customer should remember that the professionals at can help you with your measurement and your design needs. Truly there is not a reason to go anywhere else, should you need to buy wholesale cabinets for your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation – Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Install Kitchen Cabinets Yourself

Now that you have your new kitchen cabinets, you are ready to
move on to the next big step…..Installing your kitchen cabinets. While
the actual installation of the Kitchen Cabinets isn’tall that hard, the
critical first step is measuring and marking out where the cabinets
will go. By placing layout markings on the walls and floors, it will not
only help you with kitchen cabinet placement and stud locations, but it
will also help you locate where adjustments and shims will be required.
Before we get started there are a couple of items that you will need
for the project:


Level or Laser Level


Tape Measure

Stud Finder


1″ x 3″ Piece of lumber (6′-8′ in length) or an Inverted U-shaped frame (see notes below)


Screws (long enough to go 1 1/2 into the studs)

Utility knife or chisel

Marking Compass

An extra set of hands (you may have to bribe one of your friends)

I mentioned above, you have the option of using a piece of 1′ x 3′
lumber for the installation or building a frame to support the cabinets
(I have included a picture of a sample frame below). This can be made
out of 2′ x 4’s and should be tall enough to support the bottom of your
wall cabinets. If you plan on installing more than one kitchen, then I
would suggest the frame, but a piece of lumber will do just fine if this
is a one time event. In either case, you will need another set of hands
to help with the installation.

In this case we bought (RTA)
Ready-To-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets from RTA Kitchen & Bathroom
Cabinet Store. Now the kitchen cabinets are assembled, we are ready to
start marking out our layout lines. Some people start with the base
cabinets, but we are going to start with the wall cabinets first. There
is no right or wrong way to start, I just prefer to start with the upper
cabinets first.

1. Use a level and a pencil to draw a parallel
line across the wall about 3 inches up from the floor. Measure down from
this line, to the floor, and find the floors high point (if it has
one), and mark a line at that point. From that high point, Measure up 34
1/2 inches and draw a level line across the wall to designate the top
of the base cabinets.

2. Now that you have the top of the base
cabinets marked, measure up another 19 1/2 inches and a level line
across the wall to indicate the bottom of the wall cabinets. Lightly
mark each cabinets’ dimensions and placement on the wall to make sure
that your original layout is correct.

3. Use a stud finder to
locate the wall studs. Use a pencil to mark the stud locations at least 6
inches above and below the line for the bottom of the wall cabinets.
Draw straight vertical lines between the top and bottom marks to
indicate the center of the studs.

4. If you decided to go with the
piece of 1′ x 3′ lumber, now is where you will use (if you decided to
go with the U-shaped frame, it will come into play after all your lines
are laid out). Screw a temporary 1′ x 3′ support rail to the wall,
aligning the top edge of the rail with the line for the bottom edge of
the wall cabinets. Attach it by driving 3 or 4 two inch screws through
the rail into the wall studs.

5. Now that we have all the lines
marked, it is time to start installing your kitchen cabinets. We are
going to start with the corner cabinet (here is where your helper’s
extra set of hands will be needed). Place the corner cabinet onto the
temporary support rail and have your helper hold the corner cabinet in
place. Drill pilot holes through the sturdy cabinet back or its support
rail and into the wall studs. Screw the cabinet into the wall using two
screws that are long enough to penetrate the studs by at least 1 1/2
inches. Check the top of the cabinet for level and the front of the
cabinet for plumb. If you have to correct the position, just back the
screws out a little bit and top shims behind the cabinet at the stud
locations. If it is plumb and level, drive the screws all the way in and
add several more into each stud to ensure that the cabinet is secured
tightly to the wall.

6. Now we are going to move onto the cabinets on
either side of the corner cabinet. As you install each one, use the
clamps to secure each cabinet to the neighboring cabinet and then check
it for plumb with your level. On faceframe cabinets, it is a good idea
to drill two 1/8 inch pilot holes through the sides of the faceframe and
use screws. In this case, with frameless, ready-to-assemble kitchen
cabinets we are going to screw through the plywood sides and use shims
in between the cabinets to ensure a tight fit and make sure that the
cabinet faces are plumb.

7. After all the wall cabinets are in
place, install the corner or end base case cabinet. Use shims where
needed to level the cabinet and raise it up to the line which indicates
the high point of the floor. Be sure it is level from front to back and
from side to side, then screw it to the wall studs. If you don’t have a
diagonal corner cabinet or blind base cabinet in the corner, push the
adjoining cabinet into place and clamp the two units together. Add a
filler strip if needed to allow the doors and drawers enough clearance
to open and close properly. If necessary, tap shims under the cabinet
and behind it to adjust for plumb and level.

8. Drive screws
through the cabinet back (and shims) into the wall studs. Trim any
excess material from the shims with a sharp chisel or knife. Continue to
add adjoining cabinets in this manner, joining them the same way you
connected the wall cabinets in step 6.

9. If your cabinets end up
butting against another wall, you may need a filler strip to make up the
last few inches. If you have custom cabinets, they should have been
built to fill this gap, but if you are using stock or RTA Kitchen
Cabinets the filler strip may be needed. If you do need to use a filler
strip, leave the last cabinet detached from the other cabinets. Clamp a
straightedge to the face of the nearest installed unit, extending far
enough for you to put alignment marks on the end wall. Allow a 3/4″
offset behind those marks (for the thickness of the filler piece) and
fasten a cleat to the wall. Then install and fasten the last cabinet and
measure the gap between its face frame and the wall.

If the wall
is flat, simply rip the filler board to the required width and fasten it
in place. If the wall is irregular, you’ll have to scribe-fit the
filler board. Start by setting a marking compass to the width of the
gap, then place a strip of 1″-wide masking tape along the filler board
in the area where it needs to be trimmed. Clamp the board to the end
cabinet’s face frame, then trace the wall contour with the compass.
Remove the board and cut along the scribe line with a jig saw, then
reinstall it to check the fit. When it’s right, drive screws through the
adjacent face frame into the edge of the filler board. Screw or nail
the other side to the cleat.

At this point, your kitchen cabinet
installation is complete. If you purchased matching crown molding or any
other details, these should be easily installed now. Depending on
whether you had to use shims under the base cabinets, you may have to
install some trim pieces by the toe kicks to cover up the shims or any
gaps at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets.

I hope this helps make
your kitchen cabinet installation as smooth as possible. If you need
any help with cabinet selection, kitchen layout tips, or ideas for
cabinet styles, check out RTA Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Store

Getting The Interior Design Certification Through The Interior Design Courses Online

the profession devoted to the creation of the interior design became
very popular and many people find it as the very rewarding career to
get. People with the great sense of beauty and art perception, with the
creative way of thinking and creating the atmosphere around are eager to
get the corresponding education to begin the career making process. The
combination of colors, the mix and match of furniture, the challenge in
creating useful and attractive spaces are the opportunities and the
ways the designer can show his ideas and intentions. There are a great
variety of the ways how the person can show a person’s creativity and
skills in this field. If the person is really interested in the field of
arts and designing, then getting an interior design certification and
the corresponding degree can become one of the best career opportunities
for him or her.
While thinking about getting the educational degree
or the certification in the field of the interior design, the person has
the options to make the choice among.

possibility to get involved in the online career courses became more
and more popular. People consider it to be a comfortable and modern way
of getting the certification. Interior design courses online are not
behind conventional interior design courses in terms of quality because
the modules are fairly similar.

One of the main advantages of
getting the educational degree through the online courses is to spend
less money for it in comparison with the traditional way of studying.
Attending virtual classes can be a lot cheaper because there’s no need
to spend for travelling to the educational establishment. Moreover,
course fees are usually more affordable in interior design courses
The majority of people find it very convenient to take the
online interior design courses, as they can stay at home and not be
limited by the time schedule of the lessons. People can combine two
activities, for example, to take care about their kids at home and not
spend time and money for getting them to the special establishments. The
other people prefer to work and to study at a time. So they can also
take the advantage out of this way of studying. Online classes are known
for convenience and flexibility in terms of class schedules and venue.
You can study at night when kids are asleep or after your work hours, or
any convenient for you time.

The modern technologies nowadays
provide with the excellent opportunities in the interior design career
field. The students while taking the online courses can use a great
variety of the computer programs to perform and present their ideas
without the necessity to work in reality. The students can work on
creation of the impressive portfolio in order to develop their marketing
strategies, and build a client base. That makes the process of gaining
the experience and getting the evaluation of the works much more easier.

qualified instructors cannot commit to teaching in a physical class
because they have careers or businesses to attend to. So this way of
creation the educational process is important for both categories, as
for the students and for the instructors and teachers at the same time.
The majority of the instructors prefer online teaching, as they can save
their time and money, as well. And it gives more chances for the design
interior students to get the education and the precious experience with
the help of the good instructors through the online educational

Such a field of activity, as the interior design, is
not a simple profession. The majority of people consider that
architecture belongs to the interior designing art. The other people
tend to think that the interior design is decorating, but this really
has some amount of differences. If speaking about the interior design
courses, they put the main stress on providing the skills and knowledge
of the profession in which you plan and organize the interior structure
rather than furnishing or refinishing available interior space. This
kind of the field involves delivering interior environment that is
practical (functional) and pleasing, interior design seems to be not a
complicated thing but there is much hidden in the essence of this.

Have Some Fun With 70s Disco Decorations

Nineteen-seventy disco decorations are starting to be popular again. Disco decorations are aexcellent way to liven up and nightclub or party scene. For those who lived in the nineteen-seventies, disco decorations are a good way to get a nostalgic feel to any social gathering. Disco centrepieces could have a lot of vivid lights andfasttunes to go with them. A nightclub could make a amazing night out of a disco social gathering. Of course, the nightclub would need a disco ball and other various disco decorations to put individuals into the mood. There are quite a few of areas to buy or lease disco decorations and there are a vast variety of decorations to choose from.
A nightclub is the great place to throw a disco style party, as you will require a lot of room to throw the right disco party. For those who plan to throw disco events at their home, you will require to choose a large room in your home or on the outdoor patio to throw your disco party. Whenever the disco party is happening, you will require the room for the disco decorations and the individuals as well. Planning a disco social gathering can be exciting, especially when deciding on the decorations for the get together. For the nightclubs that are throwing disco events, you may need to run an ad for the party. In that ad, you may need to inform individuals to put on classic clothing if they have them. All of those details could depend on the owner of the nightclub.
If you own yournightclub, there is a number of decorations and products that you will require to host the right disco party. A disco party calls for adiscjockey with the suitable tunes, food, drinks and disco decorations. A disco ball can be rented or bought at quite a few various locations. Commonly, the places where one can lease or buy disco balls could have other disco decorations. There could need to be the suitable lights for a right disco party. Other than the disco ball, rope lights function quite well for disco events. It is possible to also get classic disco decorations that give the party the ultimate disco feel. Vintage disco decorations may consist of cardboard cutouts of stars of that age, classic artwork, classic clothing and so on. There are quite a few various options when it comes to nineteen-seventy disco decorations. With a little effort, any person can toss a good disco party with good disco decorations.

What Is Retro Furniture


Do people really know what the term ‘retro’ means. It is used a lot these days but n=many don’t actually know the meaning of the expression. To go retro means delving into the past and looking at the impressions of people living in those times. Retro is short for retrospect. And now we have a chance to bring the substance of the past in our homes with the introduction of retro furniture.

Retro furniture is furniture that looks right from the old times, but unmistakably has that attitude of carrying impressions for the future. Basically, the furniture from the times of the sixties through the eighties (the Baby Boomer generation) is hot property. And that includes gramophones, retro loveseats and sofas, retro coffee tables, retro jukeboxes, entertainment centers, bars and stools and retro dance floors. Most retro furniture that can be obtained these days are basic household items and often not in good condition. But we at Elemental in London hunt down these valuable and interesting pieces and then lovingly restore them to something like their former glory. Visit our shop in London and if you don’t have the retro furniture bug before you arrive you will before you leave. Nostalgia has a way of drawing us in.

How does Retro Furniture look?
Let us not make a mistake here. Most retro furniture that you get today in the market place is not actually old furniture. It is made presently, but is designed just to look like the furniture that was popular in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s etc times. You will have dinner tables and chairs, chaise lounges, fireplaces with mantelpieces, carpets and rugs, grandfather clocks and those pesky but adorable canary clocks, everything that will take our grandparents down Nostalgiaville. Even the colors are the bright ones used in those times, and not the placid colors people prefer nowadays. And you will find that back in your retro furniture time, people wanted their furniture to make sure it stood up and take notice when visitors came in. Today’s retro furniture tries to achieve the same thing. But in reality it never quite makes it. There is no substitute for the real old thing and you will notice this difference when you touch an authentic piece.

Wood was the material of choice in making retro furniture, because that was the era of wood. Other materials were certainly used but wood prevailed. Retro furniture often has futuristic designs for the era they are made, but you must consider that those designs will still be outdated in today’s times.

Retro Furniture for a Whole New Ambience within the Home
People of all walks of life are now considering adding retro pieces and often a whole room to their houses. Although making the whole home a retro home may not be such a good idea, a single retro room is what many people are doing. And it works great as a theme room. Packed with retro furniture, it is the place you can go to if you want some solace from your routine times. Or, you can call your friends over and have a retro party . You will certainly be exposed to an extensive choice at our shop, or visit our site at to get an idea what we have to offer.

Useful Tips for Decorating Patio

Many people consider having an outdoor space wherein they can have relaxing hours. Also, known as patio, the outdoor space connects the residence and is usually used for entertaining, dining and also for relaxing at weekends. Some people prefer to call patio as a roofless inner courtyard where they can share meal with their family, read books and chit-chat with their dear ones.

Besides providing a place to unwind your mind, patios are created to add attraction to the residence. If you want to have an attractive yet cozy outdoor space in your residential area, then consider a few tips for decorating your patio:

Consider having a big umbrella in the patio, such that you can sit comfortably under the shade both during summer and rainy season.

For fixing umbrella, choose wooden poles as they do not tilt or rotate easily due to strong wind.

You can also choose metal poles because of its strength and flexibility.

Prefer to equip the outdoor space with a heater so that you can keep yourself warm while relaxing in the Patio during wintry days.

In order to make the patio attractive, prefer choosing outdoor furniture which represents style and comfort.

Try not to clutter the space with too much furniture. This will not only destroy the overall look of the patio but will also minimize the space for free movement.

You can consider adding lighting in-and-around the patio such that you can have nice time even at night.

If your patio is located by the side of the swimming pool, then you can prefer to have underwater lights to add more attraction to the surroundings.

Decorating patio depends a lot upon the type of products you choose. In order to experience comfortable hours in the outdoor space, try not to compromise with the quality of the things you want to have in your patio. Other than lighting and umbrella, furniture is one such thing which needs special attention. In order to purchase quality patio furniture for outdoor space, look for companies which provide quality chair, table, benches and other accessories.

Some companies are known to have good collection of outdoor living furniture made up of aluminum, teak wood, wrought iron etc. For having the best buying deal, you can search those companies which offer high-quality products at affordable rates.

So, now you can decorate the patio with the timeless design of furniture, umbrella and lighting equipment. For sure, you will love to spend maximum hours of your day in the beautifully decorated outdoor space.

To know more, please visit Garden furniture and get the details about Outdoor furniture.

Select best hardwood flooring from online

Where can I buy the best solid hardwood floors and other great flooring options in MA? The best place to find the finest quality flooring options in Massachusetts is Post Road Carpet One of Acton. We are a family owned business that has been in the flooring industry for the past 30 years. After all, only at Post Road Carpet One of Acton will you find the BEST selection of red oak hardwood floors and many other fantastic flooring options. We have the most vinyl, carpet, and wood flooring options to fit you and your budgets needs! Looking for tile flooring options? We carry the finest hardwood for sale for your home. Our expert flooring specialists are on staff to help you decide which the best option for your flooring is. We are proud to be a part of Carpet One, North America’s largest retailer of floor covering. Because of our association with Carpet One we have huge buying power. We also have partners with all of the large brands and manufactures. Tell us what your needs are and we will exceed your expectations. We offer the largest selection of carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, area rugs, vinyl and more. You can be assured that we will continue to prove you, our customer, with service excellence and quality that has been our tradition. We are seller of best red oak hardwood your have seen. Don’t have time to come to the store? That’s fine! Just click here to purchase fabulous new best hardwood flooring or any other flooring option, for your home. We take pride in having the most extensive and helpful service for you, our customer. Our website is an ideal tool to use when shopping for a new floor. You can pick out what designer rug you want efore you go into the store! Or, if getting to our store is not convenient, you can always order it online and it will be delivered right to your door! The hardwood flooring costs depends on many factors. The primary consideration is the type of hardwood floor you are seeking to beautify your home. The color, style, grain, construction and overall fashion of the hardwood all determine the cost of the best hardwood flooring for your home. If you want brand new hardwood flooring for your home or want if you want to replace your existing flooring with hardwood, it is important to do your homework and answer these questions to fully understand the materials and installation costs for hardwood flooring. We have cheapest hardwood floors price and prefinished oak price in the market of hardwood. Post Road Carpet has quality hardwood for sale in all designs and patterns. Post Road Carpet One has been locally owned and operated in 1976. We work and live in your community so we understand your needs. You can look forward to the best individual service, value, integrity and warranties that we can offer.

Black And White Kitchen

Black and white kitchen can be modified as per ones likings and requirement. You can either opt for this type of kitchen to provide a retro look or luxurious modern appearance. The layout and the style of your black and white kitchen can also be decided or planned out on your own. You can opt for developing your theme or design based on unique ideas which can be used for your kitchen. It is a very classy way of designing your kitchen.

However, while planning for your black and white kitchen, you have to take into consideration some important factors such as the space available in your kitchen, type of your kitchen whether it is modern or retro style, your requirements and ideas for your kitchen.

Besides these, you have to also consider some other important aspects such as appliances, other accessories, lightings, cabinets and flooring options for your kitchen. You can also collect information about the black and white kitchen ideas from various websites.

These websites will also offer you pictures of different layout of kitchen using the black and white theme. They will also provide you some simple tips for your kitchen such as black and white kitchen floor or cabinets. All the information would inspire to opt for the best one and use it for your kitchen.

Tips for planning a black and white kitchen and decorating them are provided below:

You should opt for selecting all the basic and important elements in the kitchen in black and white color. They include flooring, appliances and cabinets. The basic elements should be either in only black, white or combination of black and white.
The color for the walls of your kitchen should be selected in such a way that it complements well with the other aspects of your kitchen which are in black and white. The popular options which can be opted for the walls of your kitchen are bright blue, gray or maroon.
Select a black countertop, white cabinets and black appliances for your kitchen. You can opt for these selections vice versa such as black cabinets instead of white. You can opt for contrasts colors in the basic requirements of your kitchen such as the cabinets and the appliances.
It is necessary to opt for more of white color as it would help in providing a spacious look to your kitchen.
There should be plenty of natural lightings in your kitchen. Opt for lightings that would bring out the black and white theme of your kitchen.
The colors that go well with black and white are yellow, blue and red. You can select the appliances and other accessories required in the kitchen in these colors to bring out the stylish and sophisticated look to your kitchen.

Therefore, the details provided here will help to find out some interesting facts about black and white kitchen. It also provides you some simple tips which can be considered for planning and decorating black and white kitchen.

Using Furniture in Your Bathroom

Due to the recent boom in the property market, and subsequently house prices, many owners have chosen to increase the number of bathrooms to add value, particularly in relation to the addition of an en-suite on a master bedroom. With this increase arises an issue of limited space and storage. >

The bathroom, unlike any other room has not had storage solutions publicised, as the concentration is on the ceramics and brassware items and creating a contemporary and minimalist look. Although a minimalist appearance is very in Vogue and fashionable in bathroom design, this is achieved through reducing the number of items in your bathroom or creating the illusion of space. What many designs fail to recognise is the practical uses your bathroom has. There are countless numbers of products that are used in a bathroom, from shampoo and conditioner to toothpaste and razors, and leaving them to scatter your surfaces will add clutter to your bathroom and negate the luxurious haven that you have created.

Therefore, bathroom furniture is the obvious storage solution, and their design neednt be cumbersome, fussy or expensive. There are many different manufacturers on the market who offer modern storage solutions, from freestanding units to bespoke furniture sets.

There are four different types of storage solution that you could choose; units, complete sets, cabinets and accessories. Firstly, units are a simple way of creating a cupboard beneath your basin, and remove the need for a pedestal in your bathroom. Units can either be wall hung at your desired height, or floor-standing using a leg and plinth set. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, from traditional wood to gloss white.

Sloegrin have created a range of units which are minimalistic in style and represent real value for money. Their gloss white mini units offer a solution for smaller bathrooms, and the gloss finish creates the added illusion of space and will tie in with any white tiles. All their furniture comes pre-assembled, so there are no awkward flat-packs to create.

Secondly, similar to units, complete bathroom furniture sets include a basin, but in addition, they also include a back to WC, with the cistern concealed within the furniture itself. Some items also include a bath and taps within the price. These give the added advantage of the set creating a unified look in your bathroom, and the illusion of one larger piece of furniture against a wall, rather than lots of smaller ones.

Another storage solution to stow away bottles and clutter is a mirrored wall cabinet. Placed above a basin, this has the dual purpose of storage and using the mirror to shave. The mirror will also add the illusion of space in to your bathroom. The compact slider by Sloegrin will create a simple and effective storage solution in any bathroom, and has additional features such as a magnetic closure system, sliding mechanism and interior shelves.

Finally, accessories can also be used as a means of storage. However, unlike cabinets, these do not hide the products out of sight, but simply create somewhere to store them close to hand. Styled in a chrome effect, a soap and sponge holder is also suitable for small bottles of product, and is a stylish storage solution that will tie in with other features in your bathroom.

Whatever storage you decide to use in your bathroom, rest assured that there is a solution out there to suit your needs and designs, from corner units to bespoke furniture, you are bound to find something to your taste.

Decorate Your Toddlers Bedroom With A Disney Cars Theme

With a small budget and a little creativity, you can become your child’s hero by turning his room into a Lightning McQueen dream world! Disney Cars beds and bedding and decor are available all over the web, so you can accessorize to the room every now and again or you do a bedroom overhaul in the Disney Cars theme!

So what Disney Cars room decor is available? You’ll be surprised! Let’s start with the toddler bed in the form of a Lightning McQueen Race Car that comes in a twin size. You will also be able to find bedding and twin size bedding sets. Also, the amount of room decor available extends to wall art, room decals, night lamps, and even dresser knobs featuring many of the movie’s key characters to mention a few. And then, for the mom who really wants to go way out, furniture pieces including toy boxes and table and chair sets.

Before making decisions on what decorations to buy for your boy’s room, first jot down on a small notebook on what specific items you would like to see in your toddler’s room. Thereafter, browse through the internet and make notes what you like and where you saw it, or bookmark the sites you find for an easy reference back to the site.

If you are on a budget, consider just purchasing the bedding. Also, consider a couple of inexpensive ideas:
– Paint a shelf in a red or blue color and displaying the theme’s toys, decorations, or books on it.
– Paint a wall in a co-ordinating color and accentuate it with border or stickers.
-You can make the themed room unique with a rug.
– Also, don’t underestimate the ambiance of a real Disney Cars lamp to grace your boy’s room. This little feature will round your toddler’s room well off!
– Do a Google search under pictures tab for Disney Cars room decor; you’ll find some great ideas!

If money is not a problem, you can go way-out in creating a dream world in your toddler’s room! Interesting products like alarm clocks, coat hooks, foam puzzle play mats and even fans are available! Your imagination can run wild and you’ll enjoy shopping for your toddler’s decor as much, if not more than your toddler enjoying his room!

Some more creative ideas into turning your toddler’s room into his dream world is by repainting one wall with a Disney Cars mural and purchasing additional decorations and furniture. You can also accent walls with te theme’s posters. Lastly, add a Disney Cars trash can in the room!

If your toddler is dreaming of having a Disney Cars themed room, you will have no problem coming up with enough room decor to create the Lightning McQueen bedroom of his dreams! There are plenty of room decor items available to purchase online. You don’t need a lot of money to make his little haven look like a Lightning McQueen dream world; just a few dollars in buying a couple of Disney Cars room decor products and a little of your charming creativity!

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