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Transform Your Kitchen This Weekend

There are many easy things you can do to update the look of your
kitchen. Most of these jobs will only take an afternoon, and they can be
done relatively cheap. With a little bit of money, and some sweat
equity, you can transform a kitchen on a Saturday afternoon.

great way to instantly add some color and design to your kitchen is by
adding a back splash. A quick look on the internet, and you’ll find
gorgeous tiles that can be put up in a matter of hours. If you don’t
want to get that deep into the project, you can simply add tile decals.
Tile decals are almost as easy to apply to tile as stickers are. Your
kitchen will be instantly transformed with new tile. It will make a wall
stand out, and depending on the color of your kitchen, it can really
make your cabinets shine.

A great way to update your kitchen
without spending a whole lot of money is by purchasing a new light. The
selection of lights out there is astonishing. Whether you are looking
for a contemporary light, or a modern one, you’ll be sure to find it for
under $100. If you feel up to it you can also add new hardware to your
kitchen cabinets to give them a new look and feel. Installing a new
light and hardware is super easy, and for the amount of work the results
are fantastic.

One of my personal favorites, is to add colorful
chairs. I tried this in my kitchen because it doesn’t get a lot of
natural light. By simply walking down to a local flea market I picked up
four beautiful chairs, all of a different color, and now my kitchen
really shines. I live in a railroad apartment so there’s not a lot I
could do with the kitchen, but this small change produced magnificent

A great way to add space to your cabinets and counter
tops is by suspended your pots and pans. If you have the room overhead I
highly suggest suspending. Not only is it highly functional, it is
appealing too. It looks hip and modern, and yet it has an old country
feel. Pots and pans become easily accessible, and the room in your
cabinets make it totally worth it.

One of my favorite kitchen remodeling tips is easy,
and probably the most effective. It works best if your kitchen cabinets
have glass doors, or you don’t mind removing the door, and leaving them
off. This tip is great because it doesn’t require much more than a can
of paint. Simply remove the cabinet doors and paint the inside of the
cabinets. Put a nice coat of paint on the walls and shelves on the
inside of the cabinets. It’ll instantly add color, and style to not only
your kitchen cabinets, but to the entire kitchen as well.

A great
kitchen updating tip that will leave your food tasting better, is
planting fresh herbs. Fresh herbs like basil and parsley are great
because they can be planted in small pots that can fit a window sill.
They’re easy to take care of, and I guarantee your food will taste
fresher too. If you’d rather just have plants or flowers, that’s great
too. Add a colorful plant, or a window box. Bring a little of the
outdoors inside, and make your kitchen shine.

There are so many
cost-effective, non-backbreaking ways to instantly transform your
kitchen. The few hours, or the few dollars spent, can change a kitchen
in an instant, and they also add style. Kitchens don’t have to be bland
and boring. Most kitchens have either all black or white appliances, or
stainless steel. No matter what you have in your kitchen, you can add
color, space and style with a simple weekend project.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 2:30 pm
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